Cold Regions Test Center

Test Ranges

    • Designated as a Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB)
    • First priority user of DTA range facilities supporting everything from small arms to MLRS firing
    • FAA-designated Using Agency of Restricted Airspace (R2202)
    • 657,000 total range acres
    • 138,000 acres of impact area
    • Access to assault strips, drop zones, MOUT sites
    • Tracked and wheeled vehicle mobility courses
    • Mobility Test Complex Developmental Test Control Center

Below is a map of the Donnelly Training Area (DTA) depicting the location of CRTC facilities and Restricted Airspace and Impact Areas used by CRTC.

Test Range Map

USARAK Range Control

While utilizing primarily Donnelly Training Area (DTA), CRTC works closely with USARAK Range Control to utilize their facilities and ranges when needed. Range Control offers unique facilities that allow for a wide array of testing to be accomplished.